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Welcome to The Boundes Studio in Bidborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. We are friendly and well-equipped with day and evening classes in the Studio (and through Zoom), offering Pilates, Yoga, Body Conditioning and dance.


Inspirational, professional instructors offer classes for no more than 7 people (4 at the moment!), welcoming all levels of fitness and all ages. Parking is easy, classes are fun. After classes we have tea and a catch-up!


The ethos of the Studio is to encourage people to explore the best class for them, to offer excellent and inspiring teaching at a reasonable price. We all know how important regular exercise is for our bodies and minds and we enjoy seeing people develop and stay with us. We have regular clients who have been coming since we began.


The studio has grown since 2007, we now have nine experienced instructors with a relaxed, encouraging approach. We are all committed to self-development and regularly attend further training.  Classes are varied and may include equipment. They are small, so clients can be offered alternative levels, adaptions and personalised routines according to specific needs. A typical yoga class may include breathing techniques, warm- up stretches, some flow sequences and a relaxation: exploring meditation, peace and calm.

Anne Whitley

Quite simply, I am continually amazed at the power of yoga! I have practised yoga for 25 years. Many years and injuries later it continues to heal and strenthen me.

In 2018, I qualified as a Yoga Instructor. I teach Hatha yoga, often using props (Iyengar style). I welcome people with injuries, complete beginners, all ages, all abilities. I know how much I have gained from practising regular yoga myself and I love sharing the benefits of yoga with others. I have been lucky to have gained form working with wise, wonderful instructors and I regularly attend courses to develop my own practice and learning. I have been on yoga retreats in Greece and Sardinia and I have spent time in India to learn more about the philosophy and foundations of yoga.

The Instructors

Timetable for 7th September - 2nd October 2020 (4 weeks)

Classes run throughout the year, the timetable may vary.

Yoga retreat mornings

In addition, we run Yoga retreat mornings, offering 3 hours of yoga with a healthy lunch and refreshments for £50. Numbers are limited so book early. Good for groups and gifts.

The prices

Per 4 week period


Studio classes

★ £50 - 1 class per week (£12.50/class)

★ £90 - 2 classes per week (£11.50/class)


Zoom classes

★ £32 - 1 zoom per week (£8/class)

★ £56 - 2 zoom per week (£7/class)


Please contact me to discuss the right package for you. We try to be as flexible as we can be, so if you miss your regular class, you are welcome to make-up with another class within the same month or with a zoom.

If you have been affected by lockdown, please get in touch as we want to welcome everyone if we can. 



What our clients say…


“I can’t tell you what the yoga has done for me, I feel really happy, Thank you so much” Tania


“I’ve improved my fitness and flexibility so much, I don’t need the physio anymore! Thank you” Matthew


“The Boundes studio is light, clean and airy with a relaxed feeling, I feel very welcome and the instructors give lots of personal support” Nick


“The Boundes is such a lovely place with great instructors, classes are small, fun and change, so they’re always different. Afterwards there’s always time for a cup of tea and a chat!” Emma


“Thank you for your classes, they really push me, but in a good way! I can’t believe how much I’ve changed!” Kim


“I love coming to the studio, everyone is so friendly and welcoming, we have such fun and get fit too!” Rachel


“Thank you for a fab yoga class, it was so worth getting up early for, I feel so good now. I have been struggling with my back, so this morning’s class was perfect for me” Lisa


Feel free to browse through my gallery images below.


If you’re not sure, call us for a chat or use the form below to come and try our different classes and we can discuss the best one for you. We can offer a one-to-one consultation for any individual needs and introduce you to new techniques before you begin a class.


We’d love to meet you.



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